April 22, 2008

Sauce: Salmon w/ Dried Mint

I eat a lot of rice, because it's cheap and we have an automatic rice cooker (yes, I'm often that lazy).  Recently I bought just a little piece of salmon, because I love it but, as the rice I mentioned above indicates, I try to keep my food budget down most of the time.  To make it last, I made sauces out of it to have over rice.  The first night I minced maybe a quarter of the salmon very fine and used it practically like a spice to flavour tofu and green beans in a stir fry, but tonight I used the greater part so I got to make it a bit more central.  I decided I felt like Italian.

Then I noticed the mint on my shelf.  It's dried, and it's old, so it's not strong at all; in fact I could barely smell it - which was perfect.  It's much more subtle than fresh mint would have been, and a good couple of teaspoons of it, mixed with a pinch of tarragon, was absolutely the key.  The sauce would have been nice without it - tomatoes, zucchini, and a corner of the old Gouda (as good as parmesan) my parents brought me from Nova Scotia - but the mint, in particular the old, dried, weak mint, was exactly the hint to make it a bit interesting to me on a night when I wanted something just slightly more exciting that comfort food.  Very slightly, in fact it's almost just an aftertaste, but it certainly makes up for the fact that that bowl is still mostly machine-cooked white rice.

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